Fish is known to be extremely healthy, which can largely be attributed to the right fatty acids. These fats have a favourable effect on, for example, the function of the heart and blood vessels. That is why the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends consuming 0.45g of 'long-chain fatty acids' from fish each day. This equals a diet of eating fish at least twice a week, of which one should be fatty fish.

In addition to health benefits for heart and blood vessels, research shows that eating fish also reduces the risk of diabetes, dementia and depression. Consuming fish when pregnant is also beneficial, though one should take into account the type of fish and the manner of preparation or processing.

At Fishes we ensure that all fish caught by the fisheries we work with are processed according to the best and purest possible methods, so that the nutrients are fully preserved. For example, Fishes works closely with the Yup'ik Eskimos in Alaska who catch salmon from the Yukon River with fat percentages higher than any other salmon in the world. But the white tuna from San Diego also boasts extremely high values. In addition, there are many certified fisheries who supply Fishes with fatty fish such as herring, mackerel and sardine.