About Fishes

Fishes is the quality label for the finest fish and fish products from the most sustainable fishing communities in the world. We offer not only the most delicious fresh fish, but also traditionally smoked fish, deep-frozen fresh fish, authentic fish conserves and homemade salads. Fishes is all about quality, sustainability, artisanship and authenticity. It's a brand that is dedicated to the genuine flavour of delicious and healthy, fair fish products.

Fishes products are sourced from the source, that is, the sea and the corresponding fisherman. The fish from these unique fisheries is subsequently used in a variety of products. For example, Jack Webster's tuna can be offered in a deep-freeze container or as a traditionally smoked product. And that very same tuna can also be found in our tuna salad. All fish processed in Fishes products are MSC certified: the international quality label for sustainably caught fish.

Fishes is the bridge between the fisherman and you, the consumer. This website offers all the information on the fisheries and communities that have caught your fish. It includes interviews with the fishermen, a webcam on the port, the best authentic recipes, and you can ask the fishermen questions about their rugged daily life.

Fishes products are available in the supermarket, specialist shops and catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

By making a deliberate choice for Fishes products, you are protecting fish species that are suffering or have suffered overfishing. You are thus giving these fish stocks an opportunity to recover. Fishes offers the largest MSC certified range of fish products in the world. But first and foremost, Fishes fish is of course delicious…. Bon appétit!


Fishes was founded by Bart van Olphen in 2002. Some ten years earlier he was working as a chef in Lucas Carton, a three-star Michelin restaurant at Place de la Madeleine in Paris. There, fishermen used to come in every day with their small-scale catch straight from the coastal waters. It was with so much pride that they brought their crates of fabulous fish into the kitchen. That was a new experience altogether…

Amsterdam needed a new shop with delicious fish, and with a tale to tell. Where does the fish come from? How is it caught and by whom? And of course this fish had to come from a healthy fish stock, in other words, it should be sustainable.

The first Fishes branch opened in Amsterdam, on Utrechtsestraat. The formula soon proved a success and new branches followed quickly. However, the range of fish that satisfied the Fishes requirements was limited. In 2007, Fishes was the first retailer on the European continent to be awarded the MSC quality label for sustainably caught fish, yet there wasn't much certified fish to market. And that is why Bart van Olphen decided to set off into the world to find the smartest and best fisheries himself.

It began in the winter of 2008 in Hastings, a small fishing village in southern England where the first MSC-certified sole was caught. Bart was the first person ever to come knocking on Paul Joy's door, specifically asking for MSC fish and proposing to work together. Fishes has since built up many great relations with fishermen and fisheries all across the world. The best salmon from the Yukon River caught by Yup'ik Eskimos. Freshly caught hake from Cape Town caught by the local population. Superb line-caught tuna from families living on the west coast of America.

What's typical is that every fisherman Fishes works with shares the same passion and wants to ensure that future generations can continue to practice this profession and can continue to enjoy these delicious products. And each in his or her own specific way.

In 2008, after the retail outlets had been established, a brand was introduced for supermarkets, speciality shops and catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants and cafes. The Fishes brand is about real fish and real quality, and about fishermen and sustainability. It's about fish with a good and honest tale to tell. Fishes is a brand that brings consumers closer to the source and that informs them of the origins of the product and the people that do the catching. In 2009, Fishes was presented the 'NIMA Marketing Award' for best CSR brand in the Netherlands.

Fishes has meanwhile evolved into a concept that represents truly wholesome fish from an industry that truly cares for the sea, the fish, and the fishermen. In this way we intend to make sure that future generations can share in the same pleasure. Enjoy!

Mission & Ambition

Fishes aims to provide the best and widest possible access to delicious, wholesome and sustainably caught fish and fish products, and to bringing the consumer closer to the comprehensive experience of the sea, the fish and the fishermen.

Fishes' core values

The Fishes approach is based on four basic principles, together forming the unique Fishes product...

  • Quality

All Fishes fish and fish products come from the best fisheries in the world that consistently apply the strictest quality standards in their work. After the catch, the fish is processed and transported in accordance with the strictest requirements in order to fully guarantee the quality.

  • Ethics

Fishes fully involves the communities in the process. Thus, Fishes maintains intensive and long-term partnerships with various fishing communities across the globe in order to jointly determine the best strategy for the future, in the interest of us all and of society, and so you can be sure that your fish is not just of best quality, but best in all respects.

  • Sustainability

Each fish caught by a fishery that Fishes works with and every fish product processed and packaged by Fishes is certified with the MSC quality label, which guarantees that the fish and fish products are obtained through sustainable fishery. This is how Fishes guarantees that you are only offered high-quality fish from healthy populations. By deliberately choosing this fish, you are enabling fish stocks to recover.

  • Traceability

Each Fishes product can be traced to its origins. In order words, we offer complete transparency as to where, when and by whom the fish is caught.

Fishes & MSC

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global organisation. Its aim is to create healthy fish stocks by applying a quality label. Consumers buying a fish or fish product with the blue MSC quality label are guaranteed that they can continue to enjoy this fish in the future. To this end, the MSC works together with the fishermen, the fish processing industry and trade, with scientists, nature conservation and environmental organisations, and with the consumer. The MSC certification programme and quality label recognises and rewards sustainable fisheries. The certification process is carried out by an independent third party. All products from sustainable and properly managed fisheries are authorised to carry the blue MSC quality label.

MSC adheres to the following three principles:

  1. No overfishing and the fish stock must be kept at a healthy level;

  2. Possible damage caused by the fishery to life in and around the (sea)water must be restricted to a minimum and must not be permanent;

  3. The fishery must comply with all rules, regulations and agreements of sound fishery management and it must be able to demonstrate this..

The vision of MSC is clear. We want the oceans to be teeming with life and to ensure that the fish stocks for this and future generations are guaranteed.




“Most sustainable fish company in the world”
Seafood Champion Awards, Boston, USA

Seafood Choices Alliances




Fresh top 100

Top 10 nomination

Amsterdam, the Netherlands




Winner of the NIMA Marketing Awards
CSR Category
“Best marketer/brand in the Netherlands”




Top 100 Most influential sustainable Dutchman
Bart van Olphen
Trouw newspaper




Fresh marketer of the Netherlands
Final 10 nomination


Fish is known to be extremely healthy, which can largely be attributed to the right fatty acids. These fats have a favourable effect on, for example, the function of the heart and blood vessels. That is why the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends consuming 0.45g of 'long-chain fatty acids' from fish each day. This equals a diet of eating fish at least twice a week, of which one should be fatty fish.

In addition to health benefits for heart and blood vessels, research shows that eating fish also reduces the risk of diabetes, dementia and depression. Consuming fish when pregnant is also beneficial, though one should take into account the type of fish and the manner of preparation or processing.

At Fishes we ensure that all fish caught by the fisheries we work with are processed according to the best and purest possible methods, so that the nutrients are fully preserved. For example, Fishes works closely with the Yup'ik Eskimos in Alaska who catch salmon from the Yukon River with fat percentages higher than any other salmon in the world. But the white tuna from San Diego also boasts extremely high values. In addition, there are many certified fisheries who supply Fishes with fatty fish such as herring, mackerel and sardine.

Fishes Cookbook

The Fishes Cookbook takes you to meet the fishery communities Fishes works with, and Tom Kime shares his most delicious recipes. Ranging from the salmon from the Yukon River in Alaska to the Venus clams harvested on the enormous Mekong Delta sand flats: this book is an account of the beautiful fish that is caught in sustainable fisheries, the fishermen that work there and their ocean-friendly fishing methods. Bart van Olphen and Time Kime travelled the world to visit MSC-certified fisheries. This book is their exciting report of the realities of life at sea, the battle against the elements and the fight against overfishing and the deterioration of fish stocks. More than sixty mouth-watering recipes demonstrate how to prepare the various certified types of fish.

Bart van Olphen is the founder of Fishes, the brand for sustainable fish with the largest range of MSC certified fish in the world. Bart works with fishermen from around the world and is always looking for authentic, sustainable fisheries that support the local economy. In 2008, he won the Seafood Champion Award for the most sustainable fish entrepreneur in the world and ranks in the top 100 of most influential sustainable Dutchmen.

Tom Kime worked in the most famous restaurants in London, including The River Café where he trained Jamie Oliver. He wrote a number of highly acclaimed books, presented two television series, and is a regular guest on the BBC programme Saturday Kitchen.

Title: Fishes Cookbook ISBN: 978-90-5956-324-7 Prijs: € 24,95
For an impression of the book click here. The Fishes Cookbook is available in bookshops and online.