Fishes works with the most wonderful, authentic fisheries all over the world. Fishes selects these fisheries on the grounds of quality and sustainability. Every fishery that we work with is MSC certified. Our sustained collaboration creates durable relationships, and plans for upcoming years are made jointly with the communities involved. The goal is to assure these fishing communities of a proper price and continuity, and to make sure together that consumers can purchase a tasty, honest, pure and sustainable product. That means we care for the sea, for the fish, and for the fishermen. And in doing so we ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy delicious fish.

We pay regular visits to the fisheries we work with. During these visits we do a lot of fishing, a lot of talking and laughing, and we make plans for the future. Each of the fishermen (and women), whether they reside in Alaska or South Africa, has a unique tale to tell, though they all share the same passion. A passion for the sea and for the life contained within it. And all of them know exactly how far one can go when treating this resource responsibly.